Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Work It

Work It

Polka dot dress / Peplum jacket, $28 / Pretty Polly nude pantyhose, $9.33 / T-strap shoes / Cole Haan gloves / Hair bow accessory / Forever 21 

I always try to dress up for work, it makes me feel better about the day ahead and it's really the only creative activity I undertake during the week! 

With the colder weather approaching I think we are all drawn to darker colours, especially in Dunedin. Lately I've been craving some bright wardrobe additions to keep the summer lingering in my life as long as possible.  

I love blue but it's not really a colour that suits me which is why these accessories are perfect. I also love the colour combination of the red and blushing cream, it reminds me of strawberry ripple icecream and hazy sunsets...ah, I'll miss you fondly, summer. x


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