Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday. Seriously.

It's cold. People talking to me before I am caffeinated. Why can't I wear my pajamas. I hate my hair. I miss Top of The Lake. My back hurts. The chair is scratchy. People whose mobiles beep with every button push. Having to do stuff. The footpaths are too slanty.

I know some people must enjoy the start of the week, but I don't know any of those people and if I did, well I'd probably want to throw my coffee at them. Especially if I met them on a Monday.

I can't help being irritated on the first day of the week, I feel like I've been rudely awoken from a cozy weekend dream and now people are trying make me use my brain - it's not pretty. The only thing I can do is embrace the feeling and allow myself a weekly rant.  It will be carthatic for me, and hopefully entertaining for you. So enjoy. Or not, I don't care. Where's my coffee.

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