Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday. Seriously.

When I woke up this morning I thought "WHAT. It's Monday already?!  I HATE YOU SO MUCH". Then I shook my fist in a Homer Simpson manner. But now, in the comfort of my sofa, I can honestly say that I still hate it.

Today was the worst. Not only did I have to talk to people and do stuff, but I was nursing the Monday hangover. Now the Monday hangover is VERY different from the Sunday hangover. Sunday hangovers involve slothing around the house, eating lots, maybe feeling a bit ill or headachey. You feel crappy but at least you can hide in your house and recover in a peaceful manner.  

Monday hangovers are a whole other story. If I've been out on a Saturday night, the next Monday is by far the worst day after that. Physically I feel fine, I just hate myself and the entire world around me.  Not only that, but all my money is gone from the weekend so I can't afford anything nice to eat. 

Today I had cereal for lunch, and let me tell you, I was dark. 

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