Sunday, 19 May 2013

Something Nice To Look At If, Like Me, You're Feeling Lethargic

I'm a bit poorly today.  I didn't overindulge on the gin too much, but it was definitely a late night and I really need my sleep. Despite a sleep in I'm still a bit jaded and have the shades of a hangover blurring the edges of my senses. Strong sweet coffee and food high in carbs usually help, but for me, looking at pretty things seems to counteract the feeling-sorry-for-self that comes with the morning after.  So today's post is full of things that are just nice to look at. Plus if I do a blog post then I've done at least one productive thing and I don't feel so guilty about lazing around all day.

So settle in by the fire with a cuppa and enjoy my selection of nice things.

While Nightingales Wept: a model captured running though the woods near Kirsty's home
This stunning photo project with a beautiful back-story
Sweet & Salty Layer Cake via Sweetapolita
This Salted Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake. Oh my.
eggs & bacon
emily blincoe
This delicious ampersand photography project
Last of the wintery weekend sun. #winter #wintersun #socks #willow #window #sunshine
My talented friend Julia captures exactly how I feel today
Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air
This treehouse surrounded by cherry blossom (Photograph copyright Akihisa Masuda)
My friend Heather cooks this dumpling soup to remedy a cold, but it looks so good, I'm sure it could cure a hangover too!

These pictures have definitely helped me feel better, but I'm also super hungry now...I'm off to rustle up something delicious.

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