Sunday, 13 November 2011

Playing Dress Up

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The ONLY horsey photo of the day!

My dress pattern up close (kitty helped with the photography)

Last week I went to the Wingatui Races to celebrate Melbourne Cup, and even though the day was cold and rainy it was so much fun.  We took the train out there, had a private marquee with friends, BBQ, lots of wine, the thrill of the races and of course a chance to get pretty!  My outfit choice wasn't as polished as the previous year, which I'm really glad about because the weather meant that fancy hairstyles wouldn't stand a chance! But I had heaps of fun getting ready and was proud of my modified op shop find, mainly because I knew noone else would be wearing the same thing! 

As a reward for making my own dress, I treated myself to a pair of FABULOUS shoes from ASOS. They took a bit of practice to walk in them without falling over and knocking myself unconscious, but I love them so much and can't wait for the next occasion to wear them.   

Here's to many more summer events with friends and pretty dresses, and hopefully lots of sun! :)


  1. Had to wipe saliva off the keyboard.
    Pleats and paisley make a perfect dress.

  2. Wow, you have a blog! Awesome! I was thinking about doing one for my sewing but I reckon I'd be too slack to update it.

    Do you have a "before shot" of the dress? I'd love to see it in all it's puffy-sleeved glory!


  3. @owlinalarkworld - haha gross. But thanks! :P

  4. @spodles - Why hello pretty lady! No sadly I don't have a before was too hideous to document haha. You should do some blogging it's fun! And you can update whenever you want, that's the beauty of it :)


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