Monday, 31 October 2011

Cutting Shapes

So I haven't posted for a LONG time, the main reason being that I have been really busy making and developing new products and filling orders for people. Of course I only get to do this in my spare time, so when I get a few moments spare I'm way more drawn to creating than talking about it, which is why the blog gets a bit neglected...

But I still enjoy feeling like I'm sharing my ideas etc, so the above is the newest branch of my venture - a new line/style of bunting for a gorgeous baby shop in town called Miracle. I feel so lucky and am VERY excited about this opportunity. I'd especially love to make vintage style baby clothes too but that's a wee while a way I think!  Anyway...enjoy.  Completed pics to come in the next few days!! :)

PS The above is for 11 sets of bunting, which equals 220 triangles and about 4 hours of my day...but it's a labour of love! x


  1. Is there such a thing as nearly 18 bunting? I would be very interested...

  2. Hi! Not sure if you mean 18 sets or one set with 18 flags on it...Send me a proper email and let me know what you're after -! Then I can make something to order for you and put it in my Felt store for you to purchase :)


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