Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Favourite Spaces

I've been following this lovely blog called Smile And Wave for a while now. I especially love the cute pics that Rachel puts up of her home and creative spaces within it.  One of Rachel's latest posts encouraged people to share the favourite places in their homes that make them happy, which I thought was a great idea! Having moved into my house nearly a year ago, I'm finally getting to the stage where my sewing/crafty room is organised just the way I like it.  It's mainly thanks to Frankie magazine, which always has sweet posters, but also my collection of fabric is growing and I have a couple of projects that I am really in love with (check them out here and here).   Mine are all taken in my sewing room, because the rest of my house is a renovator's dream and my tiny room is a prettier place I can get away from it all!  The photos are taken tonight, as is, during my nightly sewing stint.  Hope you like.


  1. Frankie posters make everying great.

  2. Agreed, I LOVE frankie posters. I have the latest one of the world map right in front of me so I can improve my geography while sewing!! x


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