Sunday, 3 July 2011

Something about Winter

Even though I usually dread winter, once it rolls around it never takes me long to appreciate all the lovely things that go hand in hand with frosty weather.  Of course I love the clothes - big warm coats, cute hats, bright tights and comfy boots.  But I'm more of a homebody than anything, and in winter I have no guilt whatsoever about spending most of my time inside reading, watching TV, baking, and drinking lots of tea!  And if I do go out, it's all about movies with friends and comforting pub food (and beer!).

But my favourite aspect of winter is the weather.  I love the way it transforms the city into a dreamy hazy place lit up by pale clear sun.  So during my walk to work over a few mornings  this week, rather than striding along head down like usual, I took the time to stop and take some photos.  I am in no way a photographer but I love my city so much at this time of year that I really wanted to share.

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  1. I love that photo of the Regent, nice and nostagic.

    Winter is good. Hard to motivate oneself to go outside though...


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