Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Judge Me By My Cover


Books are always on my list of loved vintage items, but my infatuation with dresses means they are often overlooked.  Occasionally though, I will spy something that reminds me how much I like them.  One of the genres I really enjoy collecting and reading is spooky storybooks. They quite often contain an excellent tale or two, and the worn look of a vintage book usually adds to the feeling of creepiness and horror...

Of course, I also love books with vintage fashion in them. The above lovely sewing book enthralls me with fascinating and forgotten techniques, and also provides a few giggles with the outdated language and advice.  

Most of all though, I just love the familiar, comfortable look of old books.  Their worn covers,  yellow pages, and handwritten notes remind me that someone else once loved them too. I like the fact that they have survived all these years and now I get to keep them safe...all while they make my shelves look pretty.

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