Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cream Of The Crop...For Sale!!!

I seem to be having a lucky streak at second-hand stores lately. I have started going more often, because I think the ability to spot a gem in amongst loads of yuck bits is definitely a skill that needs practising.  I also love being able to see the potential in something and then take it home and turn it into something wonderful.   

Unfortunately for me, the above shoes are the teeniest bit small, due to me falling in love and buying them without trying!  Luckily for you, they are up for sale, along with the shirt and scarf in the pic.  You can find these gems by following this link here (NZ only just at the moment sorry). Hopefully more items to be added soon.  I also plan on opening an Etsy shop (which will include handmade items!) in the near future, so stay tuned..
The beautiful pics on the background wall are from my favourite magazine, the lovely frankie.  

Happy Thursday.... 
Update 7/5/2011 - all sold sorry....


  1. O wow! Those shoes.....
    All the best op shop shoes are granny sized. It makes me sad.

  2. Hi! Yes they were so cute. I was lucky enough to find a similar pair in just my size, so they are out there, just keep your eyes peeled... Thanks for looking! x


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