Sunday, 15 May 2011

Patterns of Compulsion

I usually go through phases of being in love with a certain style of fabric or clothing.  For a long time it was florals, and while they will always hold a place in my heart, at the moment I am a bit addicted to paisley. 

It's currently autumn here and lots of the latest styles have an air of the 1970's about them, long flowing skirts and paisley included.  I love it, because even though it's cold, the styles conjure up images of hazy hot summer days and nostalgic elegance.  The combination of colours in a paisley pattern means that it will match with just about any other item of clothing, and that can only be a good thing.

The intricate designs and colours hold so much fascination with me that I've even attempted to draw them.  Not only that, but I actually had more paisley around my house than I first thought. Seems it's been wriggling it's way to the forefront without me even noticing.

Anyone else out there who loves paisley as much as I do? No? Oh well, all the more for me...

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