Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday. Seriously...I Love You

I haven't posted on a Monday in ages, and today I'm not even complaining because I'm on holiday! I was meant to be cleaning the house and packing for a trip away but instead I spent most of the day wandering around town and perusing the second-hand shops.  The 30 minute walk home from town took at least three times as long because I kept popping into shops on the way.  I loved having the time to search through everything properly, and picked up some great finds including a brown leather satchel and vintage style overnight bag! It's been a long time since I had a day with no set plans and it was so relaxing. 

Today was the perfect start to a long-awaited holiday, and with more fun times ahead I'm sure I'll be sharing them soon!



  1. Yay a relaxing day op-shopping......perfect......and fabulous treasure to........the over-night bag is lovely.
    Love V

    1. Thanks V! Yes it was a great day! And I'm going on a trip so get to use my new bag asap! :)


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