Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lonely No More

Last Saturday I woke excitedly and dressed up in my red lipstick, seamed stockings and vintage brogues (plus other clothes, obviously). Then as the rest of the city was still waking to a mild spring day, I clip-clipped my way down to the latest Vintage Roundup market.  The weather allowed stalls to spill out of the old Lone Star restaurant and onto the street, creating an excited buzz of activity in a normally quieter part of town.

The volume and variety of goodies got me pretty excited, and it was very tempting just to give up on photographing altogether. The only tragedy of the day - I was having so much fun taking photos and catching up with lovely folk that I didn't do any shopping (I must be coming down with something)! I'm really looking forward to next time when I can focus on buying some treasures to take home.

Click on the photos to go direct to the stallholder's website,  and check out my Facebook page for lots more photos of the day!



  1. Looks like you found some lovely treasures to photograph at the round up.


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