Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Pretty Sure I Definitely Need This

Not only do I love shopping for clothes (new and vintage), but I am currently renovating my house, so am always on the lookout for cool appliances and decor ideas.  This feature is just so I can share what I'm currently drooling over, whether it's something I can afford or not!  I'll probably include the occasional craft idea too, because I love the idea of having original pieces in my home that truly reflect my personality and style.

The first item on my wish list is a kitchen mixer, something I've wanted for AGES but will probably never be able to afford new!  So I'm constantly on the hunt for a vintage model in good working order.  Who knows though, fingers crossed I can one day afford a brand new one of these babies - they come in customised colours named after foods like Mint, Cupcake and Lemon Meringue, so I was hooked from the very beginning! Let's just say I'm pretty much in love.


Of course, I'm still holding out hope that I'll miraculously stumble across one of these, and then I can get the whole thing spraypainted in the colour of my choice....I'm sending the request out to the universe as I type...


  1. I got my baby blue one from Harvey Norman for $400!! It's expensive, but still quite "cheap" when compared to the full price :P It was during the Boxing Day sale! So maybe this year you could pop in during their sale, I know it's ages away ... haha!

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip!! I will keep an eye out!!! :D


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