Friday, 21 June 2013

A Bit Dark My Friend

My staple diet for the past week
 I have been so very lazy this past week. No exercise, no blogging, no sewing or anything creative - just eating, reading and watching TV. The weather is a mind-numbingly cold mixture of wind and sleet with snow to come, and the rest of the country is worse off than us. Seriously, who can be bothered doing anything?
Luckily today is the winter solstice and that means we are finally on the way back out of our wintry dark days. It's not going to get warmer for a while, but at least we'll have more daylight. Plus our winter carnival is on tomorrow with a beautiful lantern parade, so I can't wait to brave the cold and appreciate the beauty of my city on a winter's night.
Here's to keeping warm! x

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