Wednesday, 14 March 2012

You Give Me (Wedding) Fever

This year we've been lucky enough to be invited to three weddings, the first of which was a few weeks ago up in Auckland.  The weather was hot, the champagne was cold, the scenery was beautiful and the friends were great! I caught up with old friends and made some fantastic new ones. 

Not to mention it was an opportunity to get dressed up fancy, and of course no-one was fancier than the bride herself.  My absolute first reaction was to gasp, and then straight away in my head I thought "what a bitch!". Which I suspect is how most brides want their girlfriends to react! Haha.  Everyone danced the night away to fantastic classics by a great live band, and of course the next day get-together allowed for tales of the previous night's shenanigans!

There's honestly nothing better than a celebration with food, drink and lots of people all brought together for one reason - love! Awww.  Cheers!

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